Year 2016

Annual Stock Take

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17th - 30th December 2016:

This hospital-wide activity takes place towards the end of each year. Every Department in charge of a Store partakes in the activity. For Pharmacy, in addition to the Main Pharmacy Store, the various Pharmacy Dispensing Sites were also involved.

Pharmacy Year End Lunch Celebration

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Wednesday, 7th December 2016:

World Pharmacists Day - Malaysian Dietitians Day 2016 Joint Celebration

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21st - 23rd September 2016:

In conjunction with World Pharmacists Day 2016 and Malaysian Dietitians Day 2016, the UMMC's Pharmacy and Dietetic Department had a joint collaboration to organize a Road Show at the Menara Utama Concourse. This event was held for three days.

The objectives of this event is to raise the awareness of the public on the important role of the Pharmacist and the Dietition in the patient's care management. Most focus were given to the importance of balanced food nutrition and also the importance of patient compliance towards medications.

Prof. Nazirah and Mdm. Che Zuraini Giving The Opening Speech

Opening Ceremony

Among the events held during the Road Show by the Pharmacy Department are Health Screening which includes blood pressure measurements and its interpretation, medication counselling, bone density testing and PharmCARE promotion. There are also free goodies in a bag for the patients.
Events Held At The Road Show

A big thank you to our pretty organizers for making this event successful. 

UMMC's Quality Improvement Team Competition 2016

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20th - 22nd April 2016:

In conjunction with the UMMC's 'Keselamatan, Kesihatan Pekerjaan dan Inovasi' 2016 week, our UMMC's Quality Department had organized Quality Improvement Team (QIT) Competition with the theme of 'Mencegah Kemalangan Ke Arah Kualiti Penjagaan Kesihatan Dan Persekitaran'.

Ms. Jasreena Presenting for the UMMC's QIT Competition 2016

Congratulations For Winning the UMMC's QIT Competition 2016!
From Left: Mr. Alias, Mr. Kaviarasan, Ms. Gursharan and Mdm. Cheryl 

MAHSA Student Visit

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27th April 2016:

Students from MAHSA University who were doing their Degree in Pharmacy visited our UMMC's pharmacy department on this day. 
This batch of students were currently doing their second year and was in their second semester.

All the best to your future endeavors.

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