UMMC On-line Formulary Version 2

Note: This is a live document and shall be updated from time to time as needed.
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  2. Type in the medication's generic name or alternative name within the field displayed.
  3. Please be as specific as possible with the search words to enable you to find the item more accurately.
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Standard Formulary Medications  Readily available in UMMC.
 Supply follows restrictions set by UMMC's Drug & Therapeutics Sub-Committee.
 Government Servants, their dependents and selected patient categories (refer to UMMC Finance Department) will be given fully subsidized
 medication supply.
 Other categories of patients will be charged a nominal fee for medication supply.
Special Formulary Medications  To be purchased at PharmUMMC (UMMC's retail pharmacy) or any other retail pharmacies.
 ALL patients to pay in full for medication supply.
 Claiming may follow restrictions set by UMMC's Drug & Therapeutic Sub-Committee.

Location   A&E - Emergency Medicine Pharmacy                            Psy - Psychological Medicine Pharmacy
 IP - Inpatient Pharmacy                                                    SC - Sterile Complex
 IPC - Inpatient Chemo Pharmacy                                    PU - PharmUMMC
 OP - Outpatient Pharmacy                                                 PS - PharmSelatan
 Paed - Paediatric Pharmacy

On-line Formulary Information Management Team

Ms. Phang Kai Ming (team leader)
Pharmacist, Drug Information Centre

Ms. Tai Yi Wern                                                                                            Ms. Kong Zhen Ying
Pharmacist, Pharmacy Store & Logistics                                                   Pharmacist, PharmSelatan

Ms. Tay Eunice                                                                                             Mr. Lim Yong Yan
Pharmacist, Paediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynaecology                                 Pharmacist, Sterile Complex 

Updated: 03 July 2019