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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing


First Floor, Main Building (Menara Utama)

Services / Activities

  1. Prescription / Protocol based supply of cytotoxic medications, parenteral nutrition solutions and other sterile pharmaceutical products.
  2. Reconstitution of sterile preparations for various routes of administration (cytotoxic, biologic and non-cytotoxic medications).
  3. Compounding of parenteral nutrition solutions, extemporaneous oral mixtures and external preparations.
  4. Repacking of tablets / capsules, creams / ointments, powders and mixtures from bulk to Ready-to-Dispense packs.
  5. Research and preparation of medication formulations and updating the stability profile of existing formulations.
  6. Collaborating in the design and review of chemotherapy protocols.
  7. Collaborating in the execution of clinical trials.
  8. Management, control and monitoring of hazardous raw materials, including radio-isotopes.
  9. Training, education and validation in aseptic dispensing, parenteral nutrition and chemotherapy to healthcare providers.



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