Year 2011 to 2013

September 2011: Medication Management & Use System (Prescribing/Pharmacy) Upgrade from Version 10.3.8 to 10.4.8

26th September 2011: Relocation of PharmUMMC operation site from 2nd Floor Menara Timur to Ground Floor opposite RUKA complex

November 2011: 2nd & 5th Place Winners in Quality Improvement Team competition, UMMC Quality Week 2011

5 projects accepted and acknowledged as Easy Quality Projects

30th January 2012: Opening of Paediatrics Pharmacy, a dedicated satellite pharmacy servicing the Women & Children Health Complex.

29th February 2012: Wacana Ubat-Ubatan- Penggunaan Ubat-Ubatan dari Perspektif Islam (Discourse on Medication- Usage of Medications from the Perspective of Islam)

16th June-16th July 2012: Transformation of air-well at 1st floor Pharmacy in Menara Utama into "Pharm Garden"

22nd-24th October 2013: 3rd Place Winner at National Quality Assurance Convention 2013