TPN & Cyto Course

Post date: May 13, 2015 8:44:24 AM

7th and 15th April 2015:

Ms. Jasreena Kaur & Mr. Lim Yong Yan answering queries Mdm. Tan Pei Lin demonstrating errors that may occur while

while PRPs attempt a sample question with a TPN calculation scenario. calculating the cytotoxic drug protocols using real life examples.

Venue: Pharmacy Conference Room, 1st Floor, Menara Utama

This course is held on a yearly basis and it is exclusively for our Provisionally Registered Pharmacists (PRPs). It is done to prepare the PRPs and give them an insight on what to expect before they have their rotation to the manufacturing department. Calculations and measurebilities for both total parenteral nutritions (TPNs) and cytotoxic drugs are covered in this course as well.