UMMC's Flood Relief Mission Phase 3

Post date: Mar 06, 2015 4:35:4 AM

15th to 19th January 2015:

The continuation of UMMC's Flood Relief Mission Phase 1 and Phase 2..


  • Tanah Merah was identified by PPUM as one of the areas badly affected by the floods.

  • Current weather conditions have greatly improved and flood water has receded.

  • However, local population are still having difficulty accessing basic healthcare due to preoccupation with recovery and rebuilding efforts.

  • Expected limited supply of clean water, electricity, food and more.

State covered: Kelantan (Tanah Merah)

Phase 3: 37 volunteers (deployed on 15th January 2015)

Mission Coordinator : Khairul Anuar Bin Yahya

Clinical Coordinator : Dr. Khairul Azri Bin Sabri


To set up and run four to five static clinics in Tanah Merah area over the duration of three days to provide relief to the local population in the form of:

  • Primary healthcare screening

  • Basic medications

  • Transfer to hospital facility

  • Food and daily needs supplies

Each static clinic is run by:

  • One Medical Officer (as Team Leader)

  • One House Officer

  • Two to Three Staff Nurses

  • Two to Three Support Staff (PPK, Radiographers, Assistant Administrators, Occupational Therapist)

  • Zero to Two Social Workers

General Clinic Setup:

  • Nursing table - patient triage and registration

  • Consultation table - assessment by doctors

  • Dispensing table - to take medications

  • Treatment area - cleaning, dressing, detailed physical examination

Once again, a big thank you for those who were involved!