Model of Good Care Workshop: Manufacturing Pharmacy Services

Post date: Nov 06, 2017 2:24:38 AM

Saturday, 04th November 2017; 8.30am to 3.30pm:

The Manufacturing Pharmacy Services Team held its Model of Good Care Workshop at the Auditorium, 13th Floor Menara Selatan.

Attendees mainly consisted of Pharmacy Assistants, Provisionally Registered Pharmacists and Pharmacists. The main purpose of this workshop is to give exposure to staff who have yet or are unable to take part in the various manufacturing services available.

The topics highlighted in this workshop are:

  1. Overview of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing services

  2. Supply of Parenteral Nutrition and sterile reconstituted products

  3. Non-sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing activities

  4. Introduction to the Chemotherapy Screening service

  5. Procedures to follow in emergency situations related to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

  6. Cytotoxic spill management

  7. Guidelines on the stability of sterile medications (including cytotoxic agents)

  8. Proper hand washing procedure

The participants should now have a clearer picture of what goes on in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing section.