Pharmacy Bowling Tournament 2017

Post date: Feb 26, 2017 3:29:6 PM

Saturday, 25th February 2017:

The event was held at Ampang Superbowl Subang USJ from 9.00am to around noon. It was organized by the Pharmacy Department as a get-together for its staff and their family.

In addition to the tournament, a light breakfast was served to all participants. The children get to enjoy making coloured sand art.

A clown was present to further entertain the children and the adults with various pieces of balloon art.

The clown then presented a magic show which finally led to the Prize Giving Ceremony.

The results of the Pharmacy Bowling Tournament 2017 are as follows:

Best Female Bowler:

Puan Woo Mei Mei, Pharmacy Assistant

Score= 312

Tournament Champion: Team Tok Janggut

Total Score= 1,308

Team Members:

  1. Cik Lim Ka Yin, Pharmacist

  2. Cik Nur Fadzlin binti Semaon, Pharmacy Assistant

  3. Cik Eryn Tan Yen Ling, PRP

  4. Encik Khairuddin bin Mohd Zin, Pharmacy Clerk

  5. Encik Muhamad Hanif bin Othman, Pharmacy Assistant

  6. Encik Firdaus, husband to Puan Noorhafizah binti Zainal, Pharmacy Assistant

Best Male Bowler:

Encik Mohd Nazri bin Nordin, PRP

Score= 309

Team Members:

  1. Encik Azri, husband to Puan Azwa binti Haris, Pharmacist

  2. Puan Nazatul Sima binti Bostan Khan, Pharmacy Assistant

  3. Encik Mohd Nazri bin Nordin, PRP

  4. Puan Siti Aminah binti Ismail, Pharmacy Assistant

  5. Encik Khairul Anwar bin Hassan, Pharmacy Assistant

  6. Encik Khairil Azri bin Arshad, Pharmacy Attendant

1st Runner Up (2nd Place): Team Mat Salleh

Total Score= 1,257

2nd Runner Up (3rd Place): Team Tok Gajah

Total Score= 1,227

Team Members:

  1. Encik Mohd Naidzil bin Awang Jaynudin, Pharmacy Assistant

  2. Encik Chiang Chun Yee, PRP

  3. Encik Muhammad Kamil bin Khalid, PRP

  4. Cik Phang Kai Ming, Pharmacist

  5. Cik Tay Eunice, Pharmacist

  6. Encik Mohd Fairosz bin Abdul Karim, Pharmacy Attendant