Temporary Relocation for Chemotherapy Preparation Supply Activities

Post date: May 09, 2017 2:56:21 AM

4th-5th May 2017:

Beginning 4th May 2017 until 21st May 2017 tentatively, the supply of Chemotherapy Medications will be done from Paediatrics Pharmacy at 2nd Floor Kompleks Kesihatan Wanita dan Kanak-Kanak.

This is due to the temporary closure of Pharmacy's Sterile Complex for ceiling repair work.

(1) (2)

Chemotherapy protocols and prescriptions will be received at Paediatrics Pharmacy counter (1), then sent for screening at Pharmacy's alternate Manufacturing Suite (2).

(3) (4)

The raw materials required for each preparation is prepared, sealed (3) and delivered to a laboratory on the 11th floor. Once received at the laboratory, the raw materials are swabbed with alcohol then reconstituted in a Laminar Flow Hood using a closed-system transfer device known as "Phaseal" to avoid environmental contamination (4).

(5) (6)

Prepared Chemotherapy Medications are sealed and checked (5) before being returned to Paediatrics Pharmacy for dispensing (6).