Community Mental Health Service (CMHS) Visit

Post date: Jan 23, 2019 3:56:25 AM

This collaboration has opened more access to pharmacists for carrying out the pivotal roles such as:

    • providing direct patient care, including treatment assessment and medication management activities

    • monitoring for potential adverse drug reactions and interactions

    • educating patients and families on psychiatric medications as well as psychiatric disorders and other related conditions

    • working collaboratively with inter-professional teams to optimise drug therapy

Every week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, one pharmacist from Psychological Medicine Pharmacy will join the home visits and record all the assessment and interventions done throughout the visits.

Together with the team of the CMHS which also consists of medical doctors and staff nurses, the main objectives of this programme are to serve the unmet needs of people with mental disorders, enhance their quality of life, and create networks that guarantee the delivery of care within the community.

Psychological Medicine Pharmacy is now collaborating with Community Mental Health Service (CMHS) Unit by Department of Psychological Medicine in conducting the community regular home visits for psychiatric patients with special needs, e.g. patients with poor insights of medications, patients facing logistic issues, patients with poor family/social supports or patients with compliance issues (Lawatan Berkala oleh Pegawai Farmasi ke Rumah-Rumah Pesakit Psikiatri Tegar di Bawah Program Perkhidmatan Komuniti dan Kesihatan Mental).