Pharmacy Orientation, No. 2/2019

Post date: Oct 22, 2019 4:29:16 AM

7, 8 & 10 October 2019

This is the second pharmacy orientation of this year whereby it was mainly for the new pharmacists, provisional-registered pharmacists (PRPs) and the pharmacy diploma students from Pusrawi International College of Medical Sciences (PICOMS).

The three-days orientation which was held on 7, 8 and 10 October 2019, aimed to provide ideas and overviews of the services provided by UMMC Pharmacy Department. Representatives from each section had briefed the participants along with providing quick assessment and instilling take home message for better working and practice in each section.

Hopefully the orientation has sufficiently provided the participants with the principles and groundwork of pharmacy practice and motivated them for continuous learning process along their day-to-day tasks in UMMC Pharmacy Department.