Change of prescribing template for Vitamin B & C High Potency Injection

Post date: Jul 20, 2020 3:19:14 AM

20 July 2020 (Circular No: SPJF: 29/2020)

Please be informed 'Vitamin B & C high potency Injection' that was supplied in pair (ampoule 1 dan ampoule 2) previously, the prescribing and dispensing of this injection will be separated starting 20/7/2020 (Monday). Prescribing template for ‘Vitamin B & C High Potency Injection’ will be replaced as below:-

i) Thiamine 250mg, pyridoxine 50mg, riboflavin 4mg Injection (5mL)

ii) Vitamin C 500mg, dextrose 1000mg, vitamin B3 160mg, vitamin B5 5mg injection (5mL)

If both of the ampoules are given in pair, two prescribing lines are required.