Discontinuation of Medication / Medical Device Supply Through e-MASS

Post date: Feb 28, 2017 9:46:53 AM

28th February 2017 (Circular No. SP PPUM: 85/2017):

In compliance with this memo, PharmUMMC, UMMC Pharmacy's retail section will cease supply of all Special Formulary medications to previously eligible patients through the Electronic Medical Automation Supply System (e-MASS) effective 28th February 2017.

e-MASS Patients will now have to pay up front for their supply of Special Formulary medications and then claim the amount from their respective organisations.

This includes medical devices and implants supplied by PharmUMMC. All prior purchase approval for these items are hereby withdrawn and e-MASS patients are advised to either postpone their coming procedure to another date or, should it be vital to go ahead, purchase the relevant medical device or implant at full cost.

We deeply regret and apologize for any inconveniences caused by this directive as it is truly beyond our control.