End of Year Stock Take for Pharmacy Dispensaries

Post date: Nov 27, 2017 4:32:56 AM

27th November 2017 ( Circular No. SP PPUM : 434/2017):

The following Pharmacy Dispensaries will be holding its End of Year Stock Take for the year 2017 and will therefore be closed as follows:

Throughout the stated date and period, each dispensary will be fully focused on the Stock Taking activity so no medication dispensing will be done.

Wards are advised to check their patients' medication stock and request for Repeat Supply before the Stock Take and Inpatient Pharmacy will ensure that medications for current Inpatients will be sufficient to cover for the closure of service.

Return of medications to Inpatient Pharmacy from the Wards shall also be postponed on that week, from Monday, 04th December 2017 to Thursday, 07th December 2017.

For further enquiries call:

Inpatient Pharmacy- extension 2487 or 2384

Emergency Pharmacy- extension 2502