Formulation Change- New Colour for Morphine 10mg/mL Syrup

Post date: Dec 07, 2017 4:30:38 AM

06th December 2017 (Circular No. SPJF: 45/2017):

This is an increased safety initiative to the one mentioned in Circular No. SPJF: 16/2017.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing has again changed the colour of our Morphine 10mg/mL Syrup to differentiate it from Morphine 2mg/mL Syrup (orange colour)- this time from yellow to purple,

Morphine 10mg/mL Syrup (left) Morphine 2mg/mL Syrup (right)

The colours yellow and orange is of somewhat similar hue. Therefore, even when the two strengths of Morphine Syrup preparations can be differentiated when put side by side, on their own, one preparation may still be mistaken for the other.

Therefore, a different shade of colour was chosen for the higher strength Morphine Syrup preparation to reduce the risk of dispensing error.