Update of Work Instruction for Recording DD / Psychotropics Medications

Post date: Jul 13, 2017 9:50:16 AM

11th JulY 2017:

From the SIRIM Certification Audit findings in April 2017, the Work Instruction (AK) for handling Dangerous Drugs and Psychotropic Medications in the Wards and Clinics (AK 8.5-PHS-001-020) has been updated.

The dosage for any Dangerous Drugs and Psychotropic Medications must be recorded in units of "grams", "miligrams" or "micrograms" within

  1. Parenteral Prescription & Administration Chart "BK MIS-072"

  2. Non-Parenteral Prescription & Administration Chart "BK-MIS-073"

  3. Medication With Frequent Dose ChangesPrescription & Administration Chart "BK-MIS-1207"

  4. Dangerous Drugs, Psychotropics & Controlled Medications Stock Record Book "BK-PHS-003"

This includes medications administered via intravenous bolus injections or infusions.

For example,

"Doctor instructed that Patient A is to be given Fentanyl 100micrograms/2mL injection as an intravenous infusion of 1mL per hour."

The dosage to note in Patient A's records should be IV Fentanyl 50micrograms per hour.

This will ensure that the dose given to patient is correct and avoid medication error should the concentration / strength of the medication stock being supplied changes.