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The Pharmacy Department was set up in 1967 to supply medications for the hospital's patients and was staffed by only 10 personnel. The services back then were provided by the Pharmacy Store, the Inpatient Dispensary and the creams or ointments compounding facility. Our Pharmacy Department now has over 100 staff and a larger number of services have been made available to our patients. To date, the department has experienced the guidance and leadership of eight successive Chief Pharmacists.

(8) Mr. Alias bin Aris

09-Sep-2020 - Present

(7) Mr. Mohamed Noor bin Ramli

07-Feb-2018 - 08-Sep-2020

(6) Madam Che Zuraini binti Sulaiman

30-Aug-2015 - 06-Feb-2018

(5) Madam Harbans Kaur Dhillon

01-Apr-2015 - 30-Aug-2015

(4) Mr. Amrahi bin Buang

1995 - 30-Mar-2015

(3) Mr. Andrew Chong Su Nyan

1967 - 1972

(2) Mr. Reginald Giles Stephen Arilappu

1972 - 1976

(1) Mr. Warren Tan

1967 - 1972

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UMMC Pharmacy Annual Report

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Year 2019

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