Medication Sampling Procedure

Pre-Approval Procedures

Sampling Proposal Letter - Template.docx

Sampling Proposal Letter - Template

Note: After clicking 'Submit' on the Google Form, a message, as the following, will appear. 

Your application has been partially submitted. 

Important: Please complete the following instructions to finalize the application process. These steps are essential for completing the application process. Failure to comply may result in the rejection of your application. 

1. Check Email: Ensure to check your email inbox for a confirmation regarding your submitted Google Form. 

2. Print Google Form: Generate a hard copy of the submitted Google Form. 

3. Obtain Signatures: Obtain the necessary signatures from relevant personnel, which include the requestor, head of the unit, or head of the department. Ensure that all required signatures are acquired. 

4. Submit to Pharmacy Office, 1st Floor Menara Utama: Deliver the signed hard copy of the Google Form to the Pharmacy Office situated on the 1st Floor of Menara Utama. 

If you have any inquiries or encounter difficulties, please contact the Drug Information Centre tel: 03-79493977 / 2407 email: Thank you for your cooperation.

Please take note of the important information highlighted.

Post-Approval Procedures

Doctors - Patient Understanding & Responsibilities

1) Obtain patient consent:

2) Fill out and submit this Google Form twice a year:

Note: This form is for UMMC staff use only. 

3) Spontaneous reporting:

Note: This form is for UMMC staff use only.

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