Medication Delivery Related

1. Which pharmacy handles medication delivery?

PharmCARE Pharmacy.

2. How can I contact PharmCARE Pharmacy?

They can be reached either via the phone or email.

03-7949 3977


3. How can I trace my medication parcel?

The courier service that PharmCARE Pharmacy is using is PosLaju.

You may use the tracking number sent to you via SMS.


The PosLaju's tracking number will be the one in purple, i.e. ET000123456MY.

You may use this tracking number to trace your parcel whereabouts using parcel tracking websites such as: https://www.tracking.my/poslaju

4. What do I do if I did not receive the SMS?

You may contact PharmCARE Pharmacy if you did not receive the SMS AFTER one working day from your scheduled delivery date.

5. How will I know if I have a next delivery?

Upon receiving your medication parcel, you would also receive a coloured communication paper by PharmCARE Pharmacy together in your medication parcel.

It should indicate clearly if there is a next delivery, including the delivery date or if that medication parcel received is the last supply by PharmCARE Pharmacy, including the date of your doctor's appointment.

Medication Related

1. How can I buy medicine from UMMC?

You are required to see a UMMC doctor to get a prescription. You may then proceed to purchased the prescribed medicine from UMMC outpatient pharmacy or PharmUMMC, depending on the restriction list in UMMC Online Formulary.


1. What is the procedure to request addition of new drug into UMMC Drug Formulary?

All requests for addition of new drug into UMMC Drug Formulary will need to go through Drug and Therapeutic Subcommittee.

For more information, please visit this link: http://farmasi.ummc.edu.my/rxhandbook/dnt.

2. What is the procedure to provide medication samples for patients in UMMC?

All requests to provide medication samples for patients in UMMC will need to be submitted to Drug Information pharmacists and are subjected to Pharmacy Management approval.

For more information, please visit this link: http://farmasi.ummc.edu.my/rxhandbook/sampling.

3. How can I check the availability, the formulary category, and the prescribing criteria of drugs in UMMC?

All of this information can be easily obtained from UMMC Online Drug Formulary. It is a live document which continuously receives instant updates when there is any changes made to the hospital formulary, e.g. addition of drug into formulary, removal of drug from formulary, change of strength.

For more information, please visit this link: http://farmasi.ummc.edu.my/formulary.

4. What is the procedure to introduce Patient Assistance Programme (PAP) in UMMC?

All requests for introduction of PAP in UMMC can be submitted via email to Chief Pharmacist and are subjected to Pharmacy Management approval.

Submit your proposal to our Chief Pharmacist: kj_phs@ummc.edu.my.

5. What is the procedure for organising Continuous Professional Development (CPD) lunch talks for Pharmacy Department in UMMC?

Any reservation for organising CPD lunch talk at Pharmacy Department, UMMC can be done by adhering to the procedure to ensure the smooth running of the sessions.

For more information, please visit this link: http://farmasi.ummc.edu.my/faq/cpd-lunch-talk.


1. If the medicine that I want to prescribe is not listed in UMMC Online Formulary, how can my patient purchase it from UMMC pharmacy?

Doctor needs to fill in Borang Perakuan Penggunaan / Permohonan Ubat Khas (BK-MIS-892-E04) and submit it to the Pharmacy Office at Level 1, Menara Utama. Once the application receives UMMC Director's approval, patient can proceed to purchase the medicine at PharmUMMC. PharmUMMC will send in the order to the drug company and dispense it to the patient once the medicine is available.


1. What is the procedure for external HCP to obtain UMMC patient's medications/medical history/record from UMMC if the patient receives treatment from healthcare facilities outside UMMC for treatment management purposes?

Step 1: Go to ummc website www.ummc.edu.my, click at "patient", click "forms", choose "Borang keizinan mengumpul dan memproses data peribadi".

Step 2: Fill in the details at the authorization form and let the patient sign.

Step 3: Attach the patient's authorization form with cover letter then email to lp.jmp@ummc.edu.my.

Step 4: The form will be processed and the information can be obtained within 24 hours.

Updated: 18 November 2020