Cooler Bag

Cold-Chain Medication

08-Mar-2017 (NO. SP PPUM: 93/2017)

❗ Reminder to bring Cooler Bag when collecting Cold-Chain Medication ❗ 

Effective immediately, it is now MANDATORY for patients or caregivers to bring their own cooler bag (filled with ice packs) upon collecting their supply of cold-chain medications.

What are cold-chain medications?

These medications are highly temperature sensitive and must be maintained between a specific temperature range of 2° C to 8° C (35.6° F to 46.4° F).

Examples include insulins, vaccines, eye drops for glaucoma patients and injections for kidney disease patients.

If these medications are not kept within this temperature range, the efficacy of the medication may be affected or even worse, become toxic.

Hence, in the interest of patient safety and effectiveness of the medication, all UMMC pharmacies (including PharmUMMC pharmacy)  WILL NOT supply refrigerated (cold chain) medications if patients or caregivers DO NOT have a cooler bag (filled with ice packs) with them.

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