Chemotherapy Agents Request

Updated 23rd May 2017

Request and use of all medications are subjected to UMMC's Medication Management and Use (MMU) policy (PL-035), which include:

  • Acceptable orders for medication

  • Requests for medication which are not available in UMMC

  • The use of unlicensed and off-label medication

  • Medication administration

Important notes:

  1. Chemotherapy drug ordering and administration should be done using designated protocol templates kept in ward or daycare, according to standard treatment guidelines.

  2. For any changes made to the chemotherapy protocol templates or to introduce any new chemotherapy regimen, prescriber is advised to inform oncology pharmacists before starting treatment and to provide clinical references.

  3. Extra care is required when prescribing and administering chemotherapeutic agent. Fatalities have occurred involving Vincristine & Vinblastine via IT route.

  4. Ordering and administration of these agents are the responsibilities of experienced medical doctors and trained / senior staff.

  5. Patient's body surface area (BSA) must be provided based on latest information of height and weight, for every chemotherapy request.

  6. It is safer to administer these agents during normal working hours where there are multiple competent and experienced staff present on site.

  7. Ensure that procedures for independent checks, administration, waste management and spillage management are in place. Refer to Work Instructions AK-036 for protocol in administering intravenous medications, and Support Documents DS-0547 and DS-0741 for cytotoxic waste and spillage management.