Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Request

Updated 23rd May 2017

Request and use of nutrition products are subjected to UMMC's Medication Management and Use (MMU) policy (PL-035).

Important notes:

  1. Indicated for patients whose gut is unable to function or inaccessible leading to inadequate and undesirable nutritional requirements via enteral or oral route.

  2. Contraindicated in functioning gut, acute metabolic derangement and acute hemodynamic instable patients.

  3. All compounded PN for adults and pediatrics must be ordered via Parenteral Nutrition Order Form (BK-MIS-416-E04) which is downloadable in portal UMMC. This form must be sent to pharmacy before 12 pm on weekdays to avoid supply disruption.

  4. Ready to use PN solution for adult is prescribed through prescription / cardex.

  5. Administration route of a PN solution is either peripheral or central line. Dextrose concentration of a PN solution above 12.5% must be administered via central line only.

  6. Ordering and administration of these products are the responsibilities of senior medical doctors and experienced staff.

  7. If in doubt, please contact ext 3723 to discuss about type of PN needed by the patient.

  8. PN solution must not be stopped abruptly but to wean off slowly and substitute with enteral / oral feed. When enteral / oral feed reaches at least 60% of the total nutrition requirement of the patient, PN can be stopped.

  9. Never add any drugs or electrolytes into a PN solution supplied as the drug-drug interaction is unknown. Therefore, possibility of instability is very high.

  10. All compounded PN solution must be kept refrigerated if not use immediately. Before administering, make sure it is thawed to room temperature after taking out of the fridge.

  11. It is recommended to use an infusion pump when administering PN solution for better control of the flow rate.