Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM)



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TDM: Plasma drug concentrations measured to determine whether therapeutic or toxic concentration has been produced

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UMMC Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Manual

Second Edition, Revision Date: Nov 2023

TDM manual 2023 final.pdf

Drugs Dosages for Adults and Paediatrics

Drugs Sampling and Steady-State Time

Electronic Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Request

Effective from 7 January 2019 onwards, all TDM requests from wards and clinics MUST be submitted via electronic through LMD order, iPesakit system. Blood samples are to be sent to Laboratory Medicine Division, Pathology Department as usual. 

Please ensure electronic TDM request form is filled completely prior submission. Electronic requests and blood samples have to be submitted to Laboratory Medicine Division before 4.00 pm on working days. Any blood sample which comes after 4.00 pm will be refrigerated and processed on the following day (except weekends and public holidays). Recommendation pertaining drug doses by pharmacists will only be made after getting the results of the analysed samples.

Please refer to the attached manual for your reference:

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Order_user Manual_final (1).pdf

Clinical Pharmacokinetics Formulae

Updated: 30 June 2021